5 star rating from Celina R. for Palm Beach Performance on Google

I brought my Subaru Impreza to this shop, and they assisted me well. I recommend them! Good prices and excellent service. Eduardo and his team are A1. I will bring my car here again if there's any problem. - Samia F. (5 star review on Google) 

Bill Hauser
Customer Review
We have had my wife’s 2006 BMW 330i in twice for unrelated issues. Eduardo and his team not only did a great repair job for a reasonable price but he also fixed a sensor issue that the dealerships wanted several thousand dollars to repair. He did for basically cost. Getting ready to send more business his way. Palm Beach Performance is a great find!!!
Celina Romano
Customer Review
Excellent service, attentive with the customer and good prices I recommend 100% 
Cristina Moro
Customer Review
Palm Beach Performance has always provided our family with excellent customer service, reliable diagnostics, honest work and reasonable prices. We couldn't ask for a better and more complete auto repair shop! Thank you!
Tyisha F
Customer Review
Awesome mechanic!! Professional, polite, and caring. Works quickly with confident and accurate diagnosis. Looks out for the customer’s best interest always and gives the lowest price that he can give. Always available and is very honest. I have found in Eduardo a mechanic that I will use forever!!! God bless him always and this shop!!!
Charles Davis
Customer Review
It was a wonderful experience to work with Edeardo and the rest of his staff! They were all very helpful and honest. I would go to them again if I ever need any other work done on my truck!
Paul DeLucia
Customer Review
Great service installing my aftermarket exhaust which other shops did not want to attempt.
Monique Murray
Customer Review
Great customer service. They cleaned my car spotless. I was scared due to the damage? I did to my engine. A man helped me on the street and when I got to the shop to my surprise the mechanic was the guy that helped me. I knew then they were honest people. The owner even gave me a great deal. I will definitely get all my car work done here in the future
Randy Fuente
Customer Review
Great customer service and great stuff. I have been doing all my services with them for it couple year and never had any issues.

Great, friendly service! Trustworthy. I would recommend them. - Dave M. (5 star review on AllData)

Superb! Also, costs are surprisingly low. Four or five times less compared if you go to your car dealer. - Ernesto W. (5 star review on AllData)

Excellent service at a affordable price. - Ed (5 star review on AllData)

Just purchased car and next day the A/C was not cooling as the day before, took it in and after a quick diagnostic was just a bad fan, had it replaced and waited in the waiting room while watching tv with a free drink; after 35 minutes car was done... awesome, fast service! - Ipanake (5 star review on AllData)

Excellent service, great prices, and great staff. I have been visiting this shop for over 2 years. - Emelido (5 star review on AllData)

Best of the best. The chief mechanic is a car engineer and he knows so so so so well his work that I never heard from friends any complaint about any aftermath trouble. The best thing is $$$$$. He doesn't go by the general work-book or man-hours protocol. So when he gives you an estimation about the whole thing, you get surprised about THE LOW COST compared with others. He just want to see a smile in your face. That's enough for him. - Gloria R. (5 star review on AllData)

If you have a performance car, this is the shop to consider. They are very knowledgable and know what they are doing. The staff was very pleasant and a pleasure to deal with. There work is professional, on time and the price was more than reasonable. I would not hesitate to take my car back. - Ted K. (5 star review on AllData)

I'm satisfied with everything and would definitely recommend! Also they are polite, nice and have clean, tidy workplace. - Umut E. (5 star review on AllData)

Excellent shop. Great customer service. They made a change to the engine of my car, and I am very satisfied with the work and especially the price. This is a very good shop to recommend. - Jose P. (5 star review on AllData)

If you want the best and most honest work done, then Palm Beach Performance is your place. - Diana J. (5 star review on AllData)

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